Clearing ground

On a recent family road trip we passed some beautiful forested areas. I noticed something about these rolling hills of forests, though. 

Some of the hills were covered in magnificent, fully grown pine trees. Others were home to some beautiful young saplings that had only recently been planted. Still other hills were simply patches of raw, brown soil. Nothing growing there. 


These patches of desolate brown dirt were being prepared for planting. The ground had been cleared, in order to prepare that space for growth.

Nothing grows unless it has space to grow. 

The ground has to be cleared in order for new things to grow. 

What ground do you need to clear in order for something new to grow in your life?

Perhaps it’s clearing ground for an hour in the day to work out and grow your physical health.

Perhaps it’s clearing ground early in the morning, or late at night, when everyone else is asleep, to be with Jesus and grow in friendship with Him.

Perhaps it’s clearing ground mentally and emotionally by staying off social media for a season. Imagine the books we could read and the knowledge we could grow!

Perhaps it’s clearing ground for your soul by forgiving that person. Imagine the freedom that could spring up and grow…

Clearing ground is hard work. Taking out the dead stuff and preparing the soil takes blood, sweat and tears.

But, in time, the toil and tears give way to the bright green promise of new life. 

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