Fake Grass

I saw a sign the other day at the nursery. It was advertising artificial lawn. Fake grass.

“No mowing. No watering. No mess.” the sign said.

It looked great!

No inconvenience.

And no care needed.

Neat. Tidy.

But fake.

There’s so much fake grass around us, isn’t there?

Our world seems enamoured with the pursuit and presentation of perfection.

Social media and reality TV shows us fake grass all the time.

It looks so good. But it’s just not real.

I think I’m coming to terms with the fact that I’d rather be real grass. A bit messy. Frequently in need of some trimming and watering and feeding.

But real.

I would rather have a messy home. At least it’s real.

I would rather pray messy prayers. At least they’re real.

I would rather my relationships be a bit messy at times. At least we’re real with each other.

Fake looks good. And it’s easy, and so convenient.

But it’s not real.

I’d pick real over beautiful any day.

More than anything, I want to be the real deal.


But authentic.

“Keep the fake grass,” I thought to myself that day at the nursery.

“I’m just not buying it.”

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