Questions for God

My son Caleb is 6 years old, and he has an exhaustingly enquiring mind. He listens carefully to information and then begins to process it by analysing and questioning what he has been told.

And, he invents his own set of impossible questions by connecting seemingly random concepts.

What’s the weakest thing in the world- a spider web or bubbles? Random, I know…

Could Spider-Man beat Hulk? Not sure- have they ever had a showdown?

Is the Burj Khalifa taller than Table Mountain? Better go and Google that one.

The questions are exhausting because Caleb is unrelenting until he gets a satisfactory answer.

But secretly, I love the questions! I love them because they are a window into my son’s soul. They show what he is thinking about. They tell me he is growing in knowledge and ability. 

Mostly, I love the questions because my son is communicating with me. I love the fact that the lines of communication are so open and unguarded. 

Jesus was asked over 120 questions that we know about in Scripture. The questions came from curious crowds, sarcastic cynics and seeking skeptics. They came from disappointed disciples and from the religious right.

God can handle our questions. He can handle them all and He loves that we ask them.

Questions mean that the lines of communication are open. The sons and daughters are talking to their Father…

So go ahead- ask Him another one. It may just start a conversation…

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